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Absolutely great experience. The facilitator and I had wonderful rapport. He was able to discern and intuit the issues that were presented to him, and conceptualize his take on the subject matter in very succinct language very quickly. It was a different kind of hypnotherapy session from what is conventionally familiar. He was very perceptive, and as a result, he was able to guide the client on the strategies with moving forward. Definitely excellent outcomes after a few sessions. Very competent and confident therapist. I highly recommend Quietly Successful.

Carina B.

Great experience with Joel…..
I found the consultation session very accomodating and very pleasant. I have been moving around from one state to another state and bad experiences happened to me that caused me to have social anxiety, fear and lost in my self-confidence…. I can see improvements from the session I had with him, and now I am feeling my confidence is starting to grow back, plus I am also able to control myself again when having an anxiety attack.
I am so glad to have found Joel and thank you so much ⭐️.

Onie B.

Joel is a fantastic coach, insightful, skilled and his work ethics are of the highest level. He helps with quieting the internal voices of discontent, so your inspiration and creativity can flourish unimpeded. He has been helping me in my journey into the art of writing for the last two years with incredible progress.

Tania C.

Joel has the gift of asking really powerful questions.

Wow! I just came out of a session with Joel Annesley with incredibly valuable awareness around resourceful patterns that I could be tapping into. Joel has the gift of asking really powerful questions.

Jane T.


Joel patiently listened and explored how the issue was affecting me. Using my own words creatively, he took me through a pleasant and painless therapeutic process, speaking soothingly to empower me throughout. He simplified and re-focused me to recovery as I was making it complicated, having struggled for years. I sought more treatment with him because with each session, he refined and targeted deeper aspects of the issue. The experience was like being in a relaxed dreaming state where I got to choose my own change. I totally trust him to help me co-create effective change in the future to continue to help me reach my full potential.  

Maree B.

I went from feeling incredibly anxious about my studies to being productive and most importantly feeling capable and self-confident and absolutely making my most recent assessment task which I worked on for months. I can’t thank you enough Joel Annesley!

Amber V.

Joel has been so amazing throughout this process. He really takes the time to listen and tailor each session to you and your needs. I’m really feeling a huge change, even after 3 sessions. I can’t recommend Joel enough!

Blake O.

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